A short note about coffee drip bag suppliers and coffee packaging

What are drip coffee bags?

Drip coffee bags offer coffee lovers a different, unconventional way of drinking coffee. Drip coffee bags are portable, compact, and easy to use and are mostly in demand by specialty roasters. They are useful both at home and on the go. For instance, roasters can use them to make their new coffee blends and varieties available for testing to customers.

What to look for while choosing the best coffee drip bag supplier in the Philippines?

Drip bags for coffee have been in existence for decades, but the exclusive coffee roasters learned to incorporate them into their line of products a little later. Finding the right grind size and material for the pouch can be a perplexing job. So let’s find out how to go finding the best coffee drip bag supplier in the Philippines. The products of a good coffee drip bag supper in the Philippines will have the following qualities.

1. Recyclable and biodegradable

First of all, if you need to sell your coffee in drip bags, you need to find a dealer that offers environmentally friendly or recyclable coffee bags. Coffee bags are going to be thrown away after use and a biodegradable material doesn’t pollute the environment.

2. Preserve freshness

As a coffee seller, you must assume that the drip coffee is going to be consumed within a given time frame. Only after assuming that you can think about choosing the materials that are made to preserve the freshness of the coffee. The drip bag supplier must sell drip bags that reflect the quality of their contents.

3. Printable

Just like every other coffee brand does, you also might want to include information about the coffee. It might include the region in which the species was grown, the date of roast, and the roast profile. These are all essential information and it gives customers a sense of what’s coming in on the first sip. Extras like tasting notes and sustainability certifications can also be added.

Coffee drip bags can of 4 types, they are:

That was all about drip bags and now let’s discuss coffee packaging bags.

Important factors to consider while choosing coffee packaging

The coffee packaging material is not a mere piece of plastic, it acts as a brand ambassador. The package is assigned the task of keeping your coffee fresh, further communicating your company’s values. The package should do its part of marketing and make sure the quality of the product doesn’t degrade when it reaches the end consumers. These are some useful guidelines you can utilize to pick out the best kind of coffee packaging bags for your coffee.

1. The different types of packaging bags

There are 5 different types of popular coffee packaging material on the market. Go through the properties of each of them discussed in the bullet points and see what works best.

  • Flat bottom bags

One of the most popular packaging bags in the world of coffee, flat bottom bags have a stable and flat bottom. Hence, they can stand without any assistance, and light wind won’t topple them off your shelf. The top of the bag is usually folded over or folded down into a brick shape.

  • Quad seal bag

A quad seal bag has crisp side seals, can stand unassisted, and looks quite elegant on the shelf. The package is pretty tough due to which it can support heavier fills of coffee. Due to the durability the quad seals offer, they are also costlier than other kinds of bags.

  • Pillow bags

Pillow bags are the simplest and cheapest kind of bags. This bag is best for packaging coffee in smaller quantities. Unlike quad seal and flat bottom bags, these lie flat. So if you want your coffee to peep out of the mall shelf at a distance, pillow bags won’t do the job.

  • Bag-in-bag

Bag-in-bag is the thin silver color plastic bags that are mostly found inside cartoon packs. These bags are packed into a larger package for bulk sale. There exist coffee packaging machines, also known as bag-in-bag machines that can form, fill, and seal the packs and subsequently put them into an outer, marketable wrap.

  • Stand-up pouches

Stand-up pouches have a flat top and a rounded, oval-shaped bottom is unique. No matter what product is sold, customers can feel the premiumness of the product residing inside. Stand-up pouches are perfect for circumstances in which you need to sell premium coffee in small batches. Often fitted with zippers, they are one of the most convenient types of packaging you can get.

2. Freshness factors

You might need to ship your coffee to stores, cafes, businesses, and end-users worldwide. To keep your coffee fresh until the very end, it’s safe to use Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Carbon dioxide naturally builds up within freshly roasted coffee.  The kind of packaging that offers an escape route for the CO2 and blocks freshness killers such as oxygen, moisture, and light is the best.