How to plan and travel to the char dham yatra from Pune?

Every devotee wishes to visit the Chardham and do the astounding char dham yatra once in a lifetime. The Chardham is the epitome of holiness and devotion, the temples of Yamnotri, Gangotri Kedarnath and Badrinath holds the highest spiritual level in the hearts of millions of devotees.

Devotees take advices, suggestions and recommendations before planning their chardham yatra. People plan the chardham pilgrimage from different parts of India to Uttrakhand in the North where the char dham temples are situated.

How to plan the chardham yatra and book a chardham package from Pune?

  1. If you are planning to travel to the chardham pilgrimage in 2024, registration your Chardham yatra in 2023 from the chardham tourism official website. Note that after the registrations are closed, the char dham yatra is closed for next 6 months due to unpredictable weather in the North.
  2. Be very clear about your budget and time that you wish to devote the char dham yatra. This will help you choose the best package for the char dham yatra from Pune.
  3. Start looking out for the local travel agents as well as the famous tours and travels around you for your char dham yatra trip.
  4. Discuss your itenary requirements and budget with the travel agents and tours and travels. You can book either group tour packages or the individual/ customised packages for the divine char dham yatra.
  5. You will get many good tours and travels, travel agents in Pune who would help you get the best package for your char dham yatra.
  6. The travel packages for char dham yatra from Pune might cost you as low as 30k to the premium ones that go upto 2 lakh rupees.
  7. While planning your chardham yatra with the tours and travels, if you have some leisure time , so plan to visit other scenic spots and holy temples along with the eminent and blissful “char dhams”.
  8. You can book the char dham yatra directly from Pune , or you could travel to Delhi/Haridwar/Dehradun destinations from Pune.
  9. There are also helicopter available for the chardham yatra, very convenient when you are running short of time, or you are travelling with elders and kids.
  10. But the mesmerizing scenic views of Uttrakhand could be relished only through the road travel of course. Here you can even devote some time to visit many other temples and holy visits around the char dham.
  11. Pune devotees also sometimes plan group tours to the char dham from Mumbai as well.
  12. Your tour and travels/ tour agents can also provide you with good tour guides to make this spiritual trip more wonderful and informative. They would also guide you about how to go around the chardham yatra, because the char dham pilgrimage is not at all an easy one.

We hope we have been helpful in guiding you towards your spiritual, divine and pious trip to the char dham, and we hope you have an amazing time delving the divinity of the char dham yatra.