Know how effectively Warehouse Management System works for a business

A product from a factory to the final customer passes from various safe, secure supply and storage mechanisms. Have you ever wondered about the reason for the safe and quick delivery of goods you ordered a few days before? The answer is a good Warehouse Management System. By leveraging business through E-commerce, every business concern uses advanced technology to supply its goods to every corner of the world. This objective is fulfilled by them adopting a well-designed and developed warehouse management system. Armstrong’s warehousing management system services shall be a perfect solution if your business is looking for an advanced storage and supply management strategy.

What is a warehousing management system?

A warehousing management system consists of processes and software that help organizations administer and control warehousing operations. The system handles every procedure from the goods entering the warehouse till they move out for final delivery. A Warehouse Management System is a single-stop software solution for complete warehousing management. It can also be a part of enterprise resource planning (ERP).

How does Warehouse Management System work?

A warehousing management system optimizes the complete warehousing process. It tracks the in and out of materials. It streamlines product packaging and order management also. A warehousing management system works in the following order:

  • Receipt of goods and its classified placement:

At the initial stage, the goods from the production units get transferred to the warehouse. The goods are safely unloaded and kept at a safer place in the warehouse. The goods are classified and then made ready to carry out the task of the process.

  • Execution of documents and their configuration:

At this stage, complete documents get prepared related to the goods received over the data terminal. All the information like quality, prices, date of receipt, and other information are noted and saved at the storage terminal. It helps in maintaining the track record of products received. Bar codes are generated based on the configuration.

  • Reallocation of the goods:

After execution of the documents, the goods get reallocated for getting them to and prepared for dispatch. Warehouse management system software helps goods reallocation, ensuring that correct products are picked and packed.

  • Preparation, picking, and packing:

In this level, the goods are picked from the place, prepared well, and packaging is performed. This process makes the goods safe and secure before goods move out of the warehouse. RFID tags, barcoding, and serial numbers are printed and allotted to the products.

  • Dispatch:

When the goods are all set with complete packaging and coding, they get dispatched as per the orders received.

  • Stocking:

After dispatching the goods, the quantity of the same gets updated. Counting is done automatically through the data saved in the terminal. The warehousing management system eliminates the need for manual inventory counting, thereby enhancing productivity.

Warehousing management is complex work. With a Warehousing management system, managing and running warehousing and supply chain becomes easier. Warehousing software simplifies the work of employees in a warehouse by guiding every stage. It increases the speed of product processing from the point they get placed at the warehouse to the delivery of goods.

If your company desire to be competitive and stand out from the rest of the business concern, choose the warehouse management system solutions offered by Armstrong. It will optimize your supply chain and give you a better customer experience. It will overall enhance your inventory management by reducing the operating cost. We work on a real-time basis by offering real-time tracking and inventory updates to our esteemed customers.