8 Tips to Choose the Right Head Shaver!

Razors or Electric Shavers – Who dominates your shaving cabinet? Well, it’s no suspense that you must be using the one that offers convenience and comfortability during your shave. However, when it comes to purchasing a head shaver, you might perhaps be overwhelmed with the extensive range of makes and models available in the market today.

Be it your first purchase or just an up-gradation, it can be quite a daunting task to choose the right electric head shaver. But, do not stress yourself! Here are some of the essential tips to help you pick the ideal head shaver. Keep reading to know the important features of electric shavers and then list down your choices.

  1. Rotary Vs. Foil

A head shaver for men can fall into any of the two categories – Rotary or Foil. Even though both these shavers function in similar ways and deliver similar results yet they are a bit different.

  • Rotary Shavers – Designed with round heads, circular blades, and circular cutters, these shavers are easily adaptable and really effective. While the rotating cutters aim at providing a closer head shave, a protective guard prevents nicks and cuts on your skin that can be possibly caused by the blade. Rotary shavers should be your ideal pick if you have long hair strands that you are not too fond of shaving every day. Now, the interesting part is that these shavers usually comprise motors that operate with minimal to no noise.

  • Foil Shavers – Embedded with a thin curved metal foil covering the cutting blades, these shavers glide best on shorter hair strands. Foil shavers can be used for straight strokes, or even back-and-forth movements, based on the contour of your head. The foil stays constant while the cutter trims the hair that pops out of the holes in the foil.

  • Corded Vs. Cordless

An electric head shaver can either be corded or cordless. Want to know which one is better? Well, corded shavers can impose certain restrictions on the usage, such as shaving at a fixed position, shaving at places where you can access power, etc. Though you can use an extension cord for flexibility, spinning it up and setting it away can be quite an annoying task.

On the other hand, cordless head shavers come with convenient and easy-to-use features. It’s perfect for use while traveling, especially if you are a travel enthusiast. It’s just that you may sometimes face battery issues, particularly with the shavers that require frequent charging. To avoid such a hindrance, you should always consider buying a premium-quality branded head shaver.

  • Wet Vs. Dry

You will find a lot of brands offering top-quality head shavers with wet and dry shaving options. While dry shaving delivers super quick, smooth, and sleek results, wet shaving allows men to shave in the shower. Both the shaving technologies are convenient and easy to use.

Therefore, it’s up to you what you choose – dry shaving or wet shaving. Just make sure to use a shaving gel, foam, or cream to get the best results out of a wet shave. Also, always read the instructions that come with the product package to ensure that you are using the electric head shaver in an ideal way while carrying out wet shaving.

  • Manual Cleaning Vs. Auto Cleaning

Be it regular cleaning or periodic cleaning, all razors require proper care and maintenance after every use. That’s mainly because a clean head shaver can maintain hygiene and also keep you away from infections or skin irritations. However, do you find cleaning your shaver a daunting task?

Well, believe it or not, it is no more a big deal as the recent models of head shavers come with in-built cleaning and charging stations. You simply need to put your shaver in the base unit and it’s all set to do the job! The other thing that you need to do is replace the cleaning cartridges or fill the cleaning liquid to avoid additional costs.

  • Battery Performance

Perhaps you must be concerned about a lot of things while purchasing a head shaver. Some of the common questions that most men ask are – How many hours can a fully charged shaver be used? How soon the battery of the electric shaver will drain? Is there a low battery indicator installed in the shaver?

Based on your specific shaving requirements, you may choose an electric shaver that is rechargeable or mains powered. However, if you decide to buy a cordless head shaver, always check the battery specifications. While battery-operated shavers are perfect for use at any place and any time, the battery lifespan can be a hindrance if the tool requires frequent charging.

So, now that you have read the entire article, you must be confident about picking up the ideal head shaver. Remember, even though every head shaver for men is different in terms of features, model, design, etc., the basic rules for using it remains the same. Thus, choose a quality electric shaver that can efficiently meet your shaving requirements.