What Should You Do If Mattress Is Allergic?

Changing a mattress every time, especially when it’s in warranty or still good in use, is impossible. However, it is leading to specific allergies and symptoms; what to do then? Mattress allergy is common, which can cause discomfort when you sleep. If you are prone to such things, why don’t you identify the reasons behind them?

Reactions can trigger your immune system. These can be mild to even life-threatening, so be careful; try to avoid sleeping on that mattress if there are specific allergic symptoms. Don’t let your body and health should regularly face it.

Here we will discuss what you should care about if facing mattress allergies.

The Three Common Ways Mattress Allergies Are Caused:

When there is a problem, then away to the best solution is also available. Some of the common allergic reactions are as below. If you face any, then possibly try to eliminate them, not deal with them regularly.

  1. The Smell In Bed/Mattress: Mattress with years of usability lose its freshness and hygiene and produce a foul scent. It is due to material and chemicals used in mattress manufacturing or not maintained. The risk of off-gassing in cheap quality memory foam mattress is also common that often cause allergic reactions.

So if you have such a lousy smell mattress and it is reacting to your skin or breath, change your mattress with no dealy. You can even go with a 100% cotton mattress topper, as it will be a barrier to such smell and effects of the mattress.

  1. Chemicals and Toxic Substances: A chemically treated Mattress can be allergic to some. The use of chemicals is done to develop products available for all kinds of buyers as they become cheap, which benefits manufacturers.

Like the bed-in-a-box type, even the mattress packaging also leads to chemical reactions when emitted into the environment. Thus can be toxic and reactive prone. So be careful and confident while choosing the mattress.

  1. The Dust Particles and Mites: Mattress has dead skin cells, debris, and particles unseen by the naked eye. These within abundance develop specific skin and respiratory disease issues as the year passes on the same mattress. It triggers body or skin with allergic reactions, like causing redness, puffy eyes, patches on the skin, etc. So always suggested is to maintain the mattress, but it is nearly impossible to avoid them.

The Significant Allergy Symptoms Caused By Mattress:

Symptoms might vary individual-to-individual. However, some common ones are detailed below section.

  1. Nausea: That dizziness in the stomach, which makes you feel uneasy, is nausea. It can be regular even if you can feel vomiting; this is common in mattress allergic reactions. This can be dealt with easily with the use of a good mattress protector or topper made up of pure cotton fiber.


  1. Irritated Nose or Running Nose: When you are confronted with irritation in the nose, the reasons can be many. A change in season or even body reaction to something uneven is common. However, a bad mattress smell can cause irritation in the nose or a feeling of cold for a few hours. This is when dust mites or debris reacts.

  1. Dizziness or Dizzy Spells: It can be mild to severe allergic reactions you can face regularly or partially. It can cause fainting, headaches, migraines, vertigo, etc. Such allergic symptoms can be at your home, bedroom, or bed. Yeah! That’s right; your mattress is the culprit for it.

  1. Skin Allergies: You can deal with it every day if your mattress is unclean or poorly maintained. Your immune can trigger badly and cause rashes, irritation on the skin, redness, etc. These can be visible or might not be yet noticeable. Skin allergies can discomfort your sleep, as can be severe itchiness.

The Bottom Line:


Why are you facing allergies within your mattress recently? If you have inspected well enough and found nothing, there is only something wrong with your bed. Maybe it’s time to change, and if yes! Then visit the nearby Mattress Dealer in Gurgoan. You can explore for authorized Sleepwell Mattress in Gurgoan to have a healthy sleep investment for years. That genuine brand is now offering customized to suitable quality mattress types, so don’t miss checking for Nexa Sleepwell Mattress. It might be your next good sleep purchase.