An Ultimate Guide to Achieve the CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA Network+, unlike all the other vendor-specific network certifications, trains you to maintain the network irrespective of platform. Besides, the CompTIA certification online is the only one in the sector that addresses all wired and wireless networks.

Many professionals with a basic understanding of IT decide to bypass the CompTIA A+ certification and instead pursue CompTIA Network+ Certification courses. This certification is intended for individuals with at least nine months of expertise in the sector, preferably in networking. An applicant must have a prior understanding of media, network technology, security, typologies, setup, and installation to be qualified for this course.

This article dives deep into the details of the CompTIA Network+ certification to help you better prepare for its exam. So, let’s begin.

Who Should Opt for CompTIA Network+ Certification?

This certification is aimed at network technicians and is considered a mid-level qualification. It assesses the abilities of a middle-level network technician in configuring or assisting TCP/IP clients. Furthermore, it evaluates an individual’s skills in network design, installation, cabling, configuring, hardware setup, troubleshooting, and support.

CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

This CompTIA-sponsored certification may be acquired by taking and passing a single test, N10-007. The test includes traditional and situational questions, as well as questions that require identifying circumstances.

Anybody may take the CompTIA Network+ test. However, it is advised that candidates have at least one and a half years of professional experience as a network technician and a CompTIA A+ certification.

Should You Think about CompTIA Network+ Certification?

Because computer networks are ubiquitous, anyone in a technical position who interacts with a network or its resources would benefit from networking expertise. Moreover, working with or interacting with an organisation’s network necessitates a variety of job categories. Therefore, the Network+ certification is a useful one to have if you work in, or plan to work in, the following employment roles:

  • Manager of Information Systems – Plans and manages information technology projects for a company, organisation, or department. Because many of these initiatives are network-based, knowledge of networking and network protocols is advantageous for this role.
  • Computer Support Specialist – Provide consumers with tier one or tier two technological solutions, such as hardware and software installation. With so many software, drivers, and other resources being saved on the network or in the cloud, networking knowledge would be useful.
  • Help Desk Technician – Provide people with remote, phone, or internet grade one or grade two technological support. These jobs are unlikely to have the task of working on the network, but knowing networking would make workers in these positions more valuable and likely to be elevated.

CompTIA Network+ Exam Cost

The CompTIA Network+ certification costs $319. However, students frequently receive discounts, and there are special offers via many training locations and training materials.

Is the CompTIA Network+ exam difficult?

Seasoned networking specialists might not find the Network+ as difficult as other certifications they have obtained. But, most beginning IT workers with little qualification or hands-on experience will find the Network+ difficult. This is because the CompTIA Network+ test is fairly challenging and needs a significant amount of study via the CompTIA certification course, particularly for individuals who are not in the profession.

Many students failed this test because they didn’t understand there were numerous sections to a topic, or a question was framed in a relatively ambiguous way. Thus, it is vital to read all questions completely and thoroughly and maybe reread them. You can also take the help of CompTIA certification training to improve your chances of clearing the exam.

What are the skills of a CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional?

CompTIA Network+ certification assures that an IT expert can do the following:

  • Create and put in place functioning networks.
  • Configure, administer, and keep important network equipment in good working order.
  • To separate network traffic, using equipment such as switches and routers.
  • Build wide networks.
  • Determine the benefits and drawbacks of existing network arrangements.
  • Put network security, standards, and protocols in place.
  • Troubleshoot any network issues.
  • Assist in the creation of virtualisation networks.


CompTIA Network+ Certification is a mid-level accreditation that will make your resume earn the spotlight. Many firms, including Dell, Cisco, Intel, HP, Microsoft, and others, prefer employing professionals with Network+ certifications since it assures that the candidate’s knowledge of fundamentals is good. Simultaneously, it draws chances that you previously thought were beyond your reach.

There are various advantages to getting this certification, and it will assist you in sharpening your abilities for future credentials designed to help professionals advance in their employment. So if you want to acquire the certification, start preparing as soon as possible.