Live Sports Betting Tricks

If you want to feel the emotions of sporting events even more, live betting is one of the perfect options to achieve it, in fact, we have prepared a small guide with live betting tricks, so that you feel like an expert in the matter.

Live betting has become an attractive trend in the internet betting market. Those who know the dynamics of the game know that even very close to the last move, they can win a lot. Here are some of the live betting tips and tricks that will make you a high roller.

Read our article on live sports betting tips and find out all the tips, the best bookmakers and the latest promotions that we bring to you.

  1. How does live betting work?

Live bets are those that are made in real time from an online betting house . It could be said that the dynamics of betting is very similar to that made by traders in the stock markets. Those who bet live know that the selected odds will fluctuate according to the progress of the game events , so it is necessary to be very aware of the event from start to finish. The speed with which each result is generated means that these types of bets are considered exciting and at the same time high risk , making even the best punter need a couple of tricks to win .

  1. Live betting tips

What are then the strategies to bet live ? We recommend you follow the following tricks to bet and win live bets .

  1. The first thing you need to do to start live betting is to choose a particular sport, competition or event. This point is essential because you have to understand how the market works and what are the possible risks that could harm live betting . The ideal is to start with the sports modality that you master best. Here it is not enough to have sports passion, it is a necessary condition to have sports knowledge; know how the game works.
  2. The difference between traditional pre-bid betting and live betting is that live betting is quick pick . It is advisable to prepare, just as players and coaches prepare before each match. Read forecasts beforehand, locate the best bookmakers, consult specialized sports pages, study all the information available about the game and you will see how you can make the best decisions during the event. Also base yourself on the forecasts of sports betting experts .
  3. Set a budget . If you want to start in this type of bet you have to understand that just as you can win a lot of money, you can also lose a lot. Everything will depend on the amount of risk you take. Avoid the mistake of betting on markets with very high starting odds. Of course, if you do it and you are lucky you can win a lot of money, but if not, you will lose and your funds will run out faster than you thought. Set weekly and monthly limits in economic terms.
  4. Compare bookmakers and take advantage of their promotions. There are countless live betting sites on the web , but only a few have the best live betting promotions . Do not stay with the first option; Look for two or three houses and contrast quotas and promotions. Do you want to know which are the best houses to bet live and direct? Read the section “ Where to Bet Live ” in the next chapter of this review .
  5. Once the live betting starts be patient and focus. Intrigue and despair can set in mid game and that can be fatal. What is recommended? See the game from the beginning, analyze each play minute by minute , wait for the right moment, take the best odds and bet. If at any point you feel like you can win more in the next spin or in the next few minutes, adjust your budget considerably and go for more, otherwise sit tight until a new opportunity comes along.
  6. Diversify your bets . Don’t stick to just one market, but don’t bet on every market in the same event either. Establish common sense criteria. If for example you choose soccer, don’t just bet on who will win the final match . According to the development of the game, bet on the tie, the number of goals, goals per player or if there will be a penalty. Even if you are losing, remember that you can cover the losing streak by betting on the opposing team in the last minutes and thus have the possibility of recovering a part of the general investment. To find out more about how to bet on this discipline, take a look at our tips for betting on football matches .
  7. Take a risk . If you ever lose a bet, remember that every high roller lost at least once. The important thing here is to learn and recognize what the failures were and how it can be improved. Review, examine, correct, try again and bet with a winning vision . That is the main trick.
  8. Where to bet live?

Let’s start with Bet365 . In this bookmaker you can watch more than 140,000 live sporting events throughout the year. To do this you only need to have an account with a minimum balance of €10 or have made a deposit in the last 24 hours. If you haven’t registered, subscribe through our link and get an exclusive welcome promotion for new users (available only for users from Latin America) just by entering the promotional code JBVIP/JBCODE in the registration field.

William Hill is a second choice for betting. It currently offers more than 3,000 live and direct bets every day. Subscribe through our link and get a welcome bonus for sports betting just by entering our promotional code William Hill BETEXVIP (for players from Latin American countries). Players from Spain can use the code JOHNNYBET during registration, however, this will not grant them any welcome promotion.

And finally through 1xBet (not available from Spain) where you can bet on various sporting events with the Multi-Direct option . The bookmaker offers all its players a very attractive welcome bonus for betting, once the first deposit has been made. Subscribe through our link , add our promotional code JOHNNYBET and get the promotion for your live sports bets.

  1. How to bet live?

To bet live and direct through Bet365 , go to the ” Live Bets ” section located in the second box on the left side menu. Once selected, click on the event or sport to bet on. Wait for the game details and odds to load in the central menu. Look for the Live Streaming icon, click it and start watching the live stream. Select a quote and wait for it to load in the upper left box entitled “My Bets”, add an amount to bet, bet and wait for the final result.

For the William Hill bookmaker, go to the “ Live Bets ” section, located on the left side of the main menu. Choose the market you want to bet on, select the odds of your preference and wait for it to load automatically in the box titled “Betting Coupon”. Look for the TV icon, click on it and the Live Streaming window will immediately open so you can watch the event or match live. If the TV option does not appear, you can follow the game from the individual clock and the partial scoreboard, located in the yellow boxes of each event in the betting menu. Follow the sporting event in any way and bet safely.