How to speed up for competitive exams preparation

Unquestionably, to secure your success in competitive examinations, you must learn the skill of time management during competitive examinations. Do you realise why? You must answer the greatest number of questions correctly and swiftly in order to achieve the cut-off score. Perfect time management will allow you to reach your goal of answering as many questions as possible. Let us remind you that you will be competing with at least one million individuals for your chosen position. Obviously, to receive extra credit for your performance, you must indicate the correct response fast. Now the question is what strategies and resources can assist you increase your speed for competitive tests. The solution is provided in this article in an elaborate fashion. Moreover, increasing your speed for competitive tests is not difficult. To increase your speed with the aid of the recommendations in this article, you must practise diligently.

The most effective method to increase your speed for competitive examinations is to perform practise tests regularly for ninety days before to the exam. Note that you should only attempt the practise exams that match or duplicate the actual exam’s format. Internet-accessible random practise exams cannot help you do well on competitive examinations. For bank examination preparation, a fantastic coaching centre additionally gives its students with the best practise exams. Therefore, if you want to enhance your speed for bank examinations, you should contact the best platform that offers bank coaching.

Following are a list of ideas and tools that will increase your speed when answering questions properly on competitive tests.

Study the excellent books

Well, the high-quality content will assist you increase your exam speed. Do you understand? Simply said, when you read high-quality material that clarifies the fundamentals of the concepts, you can easily retain the information. Obviously, you won’t have trouble recalling the topics throughout the exam, which will save you time. Therefore, exert considerable effort to read the appropriate literature, as this will help you improve both your speed and accuracy. Additionally, ensure that you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of each subject in the syllabus. Focus on the fundamentals, as the examiner frequently tests your grasp of the fundamentals. Therefore, gather the appropriate study materials to enhance your speed for competitive examinations. You may approach the best platform that offers SSC coaching to obtain the proper assistance for passing the SSC examinations.


In competitive examinations, confusion during response attempts frequently degrades performance. On the other hand, clarity helps you swiftly select the correct response. So what can improve your understanding of the course’s concepts? The only way to gain clarity on tough topics is to review the material three times. However, it is quite difficult to review the topics in a short period of time because the curriculum for competitive examinations is so wide. To accomplish this challenge, you should adhere to the curriculum as much as possible. Because this will allow you with sufficient time to review the information. Moreover, review not only increases your speed throughout the test, but also improves your response correctness.

Mock exams

The most essential thing you can do to improve your test-taking speed is to take practise examinations. Know that practise examinations feature questions that you must answer under intense time constraints. These are intended specifically to assist students enhance their exam speed. You must also dedicate daily time to completing the practise tests. However, if feasible, you should always attempt to complete the practise exams on your laptop or computer. Because you will feel as though you are actually taking the examination. Please do not consider this a hardship or a waste of time. Clearly, it has a significant bearing on your performance on competitive tests. In reality, in addition to enhancing your speed, practising with simulated exams may help you effectively review the fundamentals. To have access to the best practise examinations for bank exams, you may connect with the best platform that offers bank coaching.

Examining past year’s test questions

Examining the question papers from the previous year might also help you enhance your test speed. Did you think this to be odd? Yes, examining the questions from the prior year will give you a good picture of the types of questions an examiner asks applicants. You will discover that the examiner wishes to assess the applicants’ grasp of fundamental concepts and their capacity to comprehend and solve problems under intense time constraints. Which allows you to concentrate on the main topics while yet learning the whole curriculum. In addition, answering these papers with the aid of a counter on your smartphone might help you increase your pace and allocate sufficient time to each question.

If you wish to accelerate your preparation for the SSC examinations, you may use the best platform that offers SSC coaching.


Please recognise that the speed with which you answer the questions might aid in your selection for the merit list. However, do not mark the answers arbitrarily, since this might result in bad marks. Negative marking will prevent you from reaching the minimum score. Therefore, exercise extreme caution when answering questions during the competitive examination.