Benefits Of Reading Skills For Students

For effective teaching and ensuring students academic growth and development, making them possess and practice the right learning skills is important. Among the various learning skills, the most important and effective one is reading skills. For ages, students have been told by teachers and their elders to read books, newspapers, and other knowledgeable content.

The more one reads, the better the understanding and knowledge. But many students nowadays are reluctant to read. They find reading exercises boring. This affects their academic and professional growth. Let us discuss some benefits of reading skills that will encourage all students to develop reading habits. We will also be discussing a few tips that teachers can follow to foster the reading skills of students.

Benefits of reading skills

Helps to understand the lessons well

Without reading the lessons thoroughly, students can’t understand and relate to the lessons well. Also memorizing the content directly without reading it becomes quite difficult and less effective. However when students read the lessons thoroughly, line-wise, it helps them to seek a proper understanding. Students can underline or mark the important pointers, terms, and definitions.

Build vocabulary

When students read the textbooks properly or pick up newspapers and storybooks to read, they get to know many new words, phrases, idioms, and synonyms. This helps students to build their vocabulary. The variety of new words learned will improve students’ understanding of the texts. Teachers can ask students to jot down the new words somewhere, every time they read.

Enhance communication skills

For academic and professional success, having effective communication skills are the need of the hour. With regular reading, students’ knowledge is expanded. They get to know about important topics and information. Also, they get familiar with a variety of new words. This helps to improve their verbal communication skills and participation in the general discussions. Also, the new words learned can be used for effective writing skills too.

Helps to score more in exams

With thorough reading comes proper academic understanding and relatability to the texts. This helps students to understand the questions in the exam well, frame quality answers, and get high scores and grades.

Tips for teachers to foster reading skills of students

Make students read aloud in class

Many teachers read the lessons themselves and make students sit as mere listeners. This is not effective for students’ academic well-being. Simply listening to the teachers makes students feel bored and less concentrated. Teachers should reverse this process. Make your students read aloud one by one. For example, when you start a theory lesson, first give students a small gist of it. Now ask them to read one paragraph turn by turn. This will help students to be more concentrated in the class, and understand well. Their public speaking and verbal communication skills will also be enhanced.

Give reading homework

One of the main objectives of education is to foster the right learning skills in students. To develop reading skills in students, this tip will help teachers. In a classroom, different activities need to be conducted, and only making students read every time is not possible. In this regard, giving reading homework helps. The topic you taught in the class, ask students to read and revise it at home. Other than this, you can also ask students to read and come a bit prepared for the new topic that will be started in the next class.

Ask questions the next day

 Only asking students to read at home will not work that well as some will do the homework and some might avoid it too. To make sure that all students are adapting reading skills, have a question-answer round related to the reading homework you gave.

When students know that teachers are going to ask questions or take a test in the next class, they will do the reading homework wisely. This will enhance students’ understanding and participation in the classroom too. Use motivational quotes for students whom you find reluctant to do the reading homework. By understanding its importance, students will be encouraged to adapt their reading habits.


For seeking a proper academic understanding and doing well in the exams, reading skills are important for all. Also for professional growth and effective speaking skills, reading helps students to a great extent. The above-mentioned information shows the benefits of reading for students. We also discussed a few tips that teachers can follow to foster the reading skills of students.