Why Work with a Motion Design Agency?

Do you work in a communication or marketing department, and do you plan to make an animated film or a motion design video? Discover the advantages of working in collaboration with an agency specializing in motion design!

Working with a motion design agency is practical!

A production company near me must, by definition, be dedicated in the concept of animated content combination video, 2D or 3D graphics, typography, and sound.

The expert advice

Many workshops give a free audit for your project. They discuss with you the goals to be accomplished, specifically: the targeted goal, the supply channels foreseen, the feelings to be incited, but above all the idea to be delivered. This will primarily permit you to get the advice and opinion of an image expert.

The audit of a specialist exterior to your business will offer a fresh and neutral view. Another opportunity to check the feasibility and viability of the project.

In addition, a company specializing in the creation of motion design content will guide you towards relevant narrative choices: storytelling approach, integration of a voiceover, character animation.

The motion designer is an artist

Motion design agencies generally have “motion designers” among their members. Logical, since it is a motion design company; a person would think! And yet, it’s not obvious… Many people wrongly associate the professions of graphic designer and editor with the position of motion designer.

Truly, a motion designer blends skills in editing and graphic design. Its role is to design, produce and edit graphic productions integrating video, 2D or 3D animation, sound, special effects, and typography.

However, the graphic creation techniques specific to motion design animation are very different from those used for print or web design. Similarly, an editor can be very skilled in editing software like Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects, without having the graphic skills needed to create visuals for video.

So be careful when choosing your service provider. Do not be reluctant to ask him questions about the organization and management of work: Who does what? Do you have a graphic designer? How do you design the creative part?

How to work with a communication company in motion design?

If you have selected video companies near me, it is because you are confident of their skills in the field of motion design. So do not pause to keep your full trust in them!

An effective and constructive exchange

Provide a quality of conversations with the lucky ones: innovative work needs time and needs awareness. Lay the editorial and script bases in a clear way, so as to make the exchange more productive! Make your project challenging, each point should be validated, addressed, and detailed by both parties.

To each his own expertise

When writing the screenplay, the ideal is collaboration. You understand your company well, they understand theirs well. So, you all have suggestions to contribute to the decent of the project. Don’t be reluctant to ask your service provider about numerous points of the periods: transparency and reliability of the situation, illustration of the comments in pictures, selection of colors, etc.

You have to follow the project

In order to move in the right artistic direction, it is useful to ask your motion designer for some graphic board’s representative of the future video. This will permit you to authenticate his first thoughts before embarking on a concept and managing work, lasting some weeks. Taking stock frequently makes it feasible to meet government targets and prevent particular revelations when delivering the first version!

When you take standard with the organization, be certain in your requirements for changes because confusion can leave room for uncertainty. A misunderstanding on the part of the service supplier would be counterproductive.

You now have all the keys to a successful motion design video in collaboration with an agency! Good luck with your project!