How to Clean Your Evaporator Coils: Home Maintenance Tips

Your evaporator coils are a part of your cooling system. They can transfer heat from one area to another if they are not dirty or clogged with dirt.

There are some things that you can do to keep your evaporator coils in good condition.  You must go with evaporator coil cleaner service. First, make sure that no plants near them have been removed because these types of plants attract insects, and they build nests on the outside unit.

When there is a lot of leaves, it blocks up the air and that means that the heater has to work harder to keep the house warm. This will use more electricity and you will have to pay more money for it. Be careful when you clean your coils by brushing off any dirt with a soft brush. There should be no dirt on them at all. Be sure not to break or bend any fins while doing this, which can damage them and make them need replacements instead of just one part.

You should never use water to clean your evaporator coil, unless an expert told you it is okay. If you do this by accident, make sure to run cold water over the cooling system until the temperature returns back down before turning on your AC again.

For proper airflow, you need enough space between the fins. If there is too much space, dirt might get stuck and this can break your unit or make it stop working. You will need to call a repairman if that happens.

It can be dangerous to use these chemicals. When you use them, make sure you are wearing gloves. This way, if the chemical gets on your hands, it will not harm you.

Check out these four ways to clean your evaporators at home:

1) Spray down your coils with water and then use a vacuum attachment to suck up excess dirt

2) Use a wet/dry vac or brush attachment with an air compressor to remove dirt from the coils

3) Use ammonia-based solution as directed by manufacturer

4) Schedule professional cleaning

One thing you can do when the air outside is humid or moist is to use a dehumidifier. If there is more humidity, it will take longer for heat from inside your house to go out. You should not block vents with furniture, carpeting, clothes etc., because this interferes with the airflow and makes it work harder so you’ll spend more money on energy costs.

A clean filter every month helps the air to flow through your HVAC unit. This will make it more efficient and cheaper for you.

To avoid high energy bills and increased risk for equipment failure, you can clean your evaporator coils at home. This will help keep them clean.

Cleaning the coils might not be glamorous, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your home. It will help your house run more efficiently and save energy in the long run. Cleaning them is easy to do with some DIY skills. Visit at for amazing services.

Clean Evaporator Coils at Home: Benefits and Precautions.

Cleaning your evaporator coils is not glamorous, but it is very important. You can clean them at home. Cleaning them will help you save money because they are more efficient and will use less energy. It might seem hard to do, but cleaning your evaporator coils is easy if you have moderate DIY skills.


The first step is to get the right tools. You need a screwdriver and some pliers to clean your evaporator coils at home. If there are other tools that you need, add them on.

Cleaning Evaporators Coils: Cleaning Methods

There are two ways to clean evaporator coils. The first is with chemicals or hot water (steam). Both work well if done right, but both also have risks. It is important to do some research before you decide which one will be best for your situation.

It is okay to use a little bit of chemicals, but if you want to use more, then you should do some research. Chemicals might not work with your warranty. It is best to hire a professional who can do the work for you because it will be expensive.

Cleaning Evaporators Coils: Chemical Cleaners

There is a chemical cleaner you can buy. It has a bottle that sprays. Use it on the part of your air conditioner where the coils are, like the front and back. You can spray it when there is pressure from an HVAC unit fan on metal parts like bolts or screws too.

Do not mix chemicals unless they say you should. It can do more harm than good, and usually voids the warranty on your coils.

Chemical cleaners should be sprayed outside so you don’t breathe them in. Wear rubber gloves when applying chemical cleaner and stay away from electrical parts like fan motors and switches.

Cleaning Evaporators Coils: Steam Cleaners/Pressure Washers

Steam cleaners are machines that spray water on surfaces. The dirt will be easier to take off because the steam loosens it up. This is how you clean your coils at home.

If you live in an area where it does not rain much, there is a good chance that the coils on your evaporator are dirty. It is important to clean them often, but make sure that you use the right cleaner. Otherwise, Le High HVAC can help you.

If you live in a humid climate and have an HVAC, it is important to keep your evaporator coils clean. When the condensation falls, mold will form on them too. Copper tubing or wiring can also rust.

You can call a company to clean your evaporator. It is best to call one with many years’ experience. They will come and do it for you.

There are a lot of people who want their carpets to be cleaned. So you can choose how often they will be cleaned. Generally, once per year should do the trick–although some need it more often, depending on where they are located and if there is a lot of traffic walking over them.

If you plan to hire someone else to do the job, be aware that it will take time and you need tools. You may need ladders or scaffolding. Make sure the person providing the service has all of these things before letting them do work in your home.

When the coil is dirty, it won’t work well. It will take more money to cool your house. The coil needs to be cleaned every year so that it doesn’t need to be replaced soon. Call us today before the coil gets worse.

You can clean your evaporator coils yourself, but if you don’t want to, you can buy the Attic Cleaner from us and we will come to clean it.

When you do work at home, be safe. Do not hurt yourself or anyone else. Be careful.