How this German amplifiers organization is changing lives in India

New Delhi, India

Monday, 28 Mar, 2022

At the point when Piyush Kumar Jain joined, the quickest developing portable amplifier organization on the planet, he didn’t have the foggiest idea about that this choice would change his life until the end of time… Here is his story:

In 2017,’s pioneer, Dr. Marco Vietor, acquainted Piyush Jain with the most recent German listening device innovation: The Horizon. Top German amplifier engineers (previously from Siemens) had gone through long periods of Research and Development thinking of a gadget that has the most cutting edge innovation in a plan so little, it vanished totally behind or inside the ear!

Whenever Dr. Vietor requested that Piyush Jain carry this innovation to the Indian market, Piyush was reluctant right away: He realize that his own mom had a consultation misfortune yet didn’t have any desire to wear portable hearing assistants, since she felt that they were too huge, looked monstrous and would make her look old.

To check whether Horizon amplifiers were on par with Dr. Vietor asserted, Piyush requested that his mom attempt one for herself. In addition to the fact that she encountered a prompt improvement, she additionally saw that no one could perceive she was wearing listening devices!

These listening devices changed my mom’s life, however my whole everyday’s life, as well!” says Piyush Jain.

“Each family assembling, each second staring at the TV, each discussion turned out to be so natural. From the second she began wearing the gadgets, my entire family became more joyful! While in the initial not many days, she confronted a touch of distress, she continuously became acclimated to it. After only 2-3 weeks, she would have rather not taken offed her amplifiers any longer. Also, the most outstanding aspect: it’s not possible for anyone to tell that she is wearing them!”

For all intents and purposes imperceptible, the Horizon sit serenely behind or inside your ear. Truth be told, numerous clients say that individuals couldn’t in fact tell they’re wearing an amplifier.

“Whenever I understood that it was so hard to persuade my mother to wear portable hearing assistants and the amount of a positive effect they would have on her life, I acknowledged Marco’s proposition, however I additionally chose to focus on it that each mother in India (and each individual who needs it) can wear listening devices.”

From that point forward, has been surprising India. They’ve put millions in mindfulness, schooling, innovative work to give individuals in each city the chance of attempting the most recent portable hearing assistant innovation on the lookout.

In a brief period, has laid out a countrywide presence. This implies that the Horizon portable amplifiers are presently accessible to attempt across India.

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India is by a wide margin our quickest developing business sector all around the world,” said Dr. Vietor. “I’m excited to see that our essentially imperceptible portable hearing assistants are changing such countless lives in India!”