Cheteshwar Pujara Chit Chats With Mohammad Rizwan Before County Game; Fans Try To Decode Conversation

Cheteshwar Pujara and Mohammad Rizwan were additionally associated with a 154-run represent the 6th wicket in a match against Surham that finished in a draw.

Cheteshwar Pujara and Mohammad Rizwan’s combo for Sussex is a hit. The Indian presently has scored three triple-digit scores in progressive games in the County Championship Division Two as he hopes to recover structure and get back in the saddle to the Indian Test group. Then again, the Pakistan cricket crew player is likewise among runs and scored 50 years against Durham in his group’s last match. The two were likewise engaged with a 154-run represent the 6th wicket in a match that finished in a draw.

Over the span of the match, Sussex Cricket posted a video of the two cricketers preparing up for the match and should have been visible conversing with one another.

However the sound was not satisfactory, fans had a field day in attempting to translate what the pair was talking.

The undesirable India hitter, who is in shining structure, is making a large portion of his province spell. He currently has scored two hundreds and as many twofold hundreds of years in his five innings.

The huge runs will save Pujara in conflict for a spot in the Indian crew when they travel to England for the deferred fifth Test not long from now.

The veteran hitter was dropped from the Indian Test group following the series misfortune in South Africa recently.